We work so the transport does not stop

Our Company

Siempre generando soluciones

Lubriagsa Tractopartes is an organization that proudly celebrates more than 30 years of experience in service and commercialization of the best Automotive products. Always generating the best solutions that benefit the most specific needs of our clients.

We provide our customers with the best products and with an extraordinary service before, during and after their purchase with us. We know that only through a professional, honest and accurate assistance we achieve their satisfaction.



It is the base of all that we are and develop in Lubriagsa Tractopartes, always committed as a team with our community and our environment.


For us excellence is to improve everyday, that is why in Lubriagsa Tractopartes we are passionate about improving our processes, products and services continuously for the benefit of our customers and our environment.

Human Value

In Lubriagsa Tractopartes we collaborate as a team to achieve the success of our service. We know that by uniting our diverse talents, we become a stronger team attaining better results that are reflected in our customers’ satisfaction.


In Lubriagsa Tractopartes we consciously embrace the power of responsibility among us and towards our suppliers and customers, providing a reliable service in each action we take.

Long-term Vision

In Lubriagsa Tractopartes we have a long-term vision in each decision we make, always seizing potential products to provide effective solutions to our customers.

Resource Care

In Lubriagsa Tractopartes we understand the importance of caring the resources. For us Resource means all that adds value, demands a reply, brings recognition and gives us an opportunity of growth. In Lubriagsa Tractopartes caring for the resources is something that distinguishes us.